Currently casting all 2019 theme park shows

JM Music Design, LLC invites you to our 2019 audition. To be considered for the audition, please submit a recent headshot/photo and performance resumé. (Make sure to include your current location and all relevant acting and music experience).

Once all materials have been reviewed, we will contact you with audition information, if chosen for a live audition.

*Audition Form Deadline: November 12th, 2018

Live Audition Date: December 1st, 2018

Location: Charlotte, NC area 

Show Information:

New Show! - 6 month contract at Carowinds Amusement Park 

(Show description to be released soon)

Tentative Dates:

Spring Season: March 23rd - May 26th (Saturday & Sundays Only)

Summer Season: May 27th - Sept. 2nd (6 show days) 

Show Times: TBA 

Cast Pay: 

Spring Season (Saturday & Sundays Only) - $250 per weekend

Summer Season (6 days a week) - $550 per week 

-We're currently planninng future 2019 projects and festivals that will provide more performance opportunities for 2019. Information will be released as it becomes available. Check back for updates! 

Please submit an audition form to be considered for all 2019 show offerings. 

Requirements Overview: 

All applicants must submit an audition form and include a current performance resumé, headshot/photo, and video reel. We're seeking applicants that display proficiency on their instrument(s), a positive attitude, basic acting skills, a charismatic personality, and work well with others. 

Video Reel Requirements

Please submit an unlisted (youtube or vimeo) link in your audition form. Please include a 30 second intro to your audition reel explaining what you love about performing. 

Instrument Categories: 


  • Drumset Skills: at least three different styles (30sec each). Examples of Styles: Rock, Funk, Latin, and Jazz - Click Here for reference
  • Rudimental drumming excerpt of your choice (30sec)

Strings: (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, etc...) 

  • Solo/excerpt of your choice demonstrating your talents (1-2min) - Please provide song information.  


  • Solo/excerpt of your choice demonstrating your talents (1-2min) - Please provide song information. 



Please include in your audition reel your ability to act and role play by acting out one of the following scenarios: (30sec)

  • A cat in the rain 
  • Try to get a toddler that's crying to laugh
  • Swimming in shark infested waters
  • Walking in a hurricane 


Feel free to include additional instruments that you're proficient on. This is not required, but we'd love to see what you can do! 

  • Demonstration of your choice (30sec). Examples: Keyboard Percussion, Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Dancing, Singing, etc.. 

 Please contact with additional questions.